Awaken to your innate power and flow with the rhythm of your soul.

VM Energy Healing

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I’m Carla and I’m a certified Reiki Master Teacher (RMT), Intuitive Energy and Sound Healer, Writer, and Multidimensional Guide. After a long and successful career in healthcare compliance, I realized I needed to address a persistent feeling of misalignment. At the end of 2019, I decided to retire from the corporate arena to honor my soul’s calling.

I’m the author of the book, Vade Mecum: An Always-Present Guide to Your Divine Path. I also publish Mindful Morsels, bite-sized content to prompt reflection.

VM Energy Healing is the intersection of my work as an author, healer, teacher, and guide. Its mission is to awaken others to the always-present guidance and innate power within them, so they can step into their highest, most authentic vision for themselves.

VM Energy Healing

Healing is a journey that begins with understanding oneself at a deeper level. When we commit to our growth, more aspects of ourselves are brought to the surface to clear, to heal, and to illuminate our path forward. There are many tools that can assist us on our journey. Each of us is born with an intuitive guidance system. Our founder, Carla, refers to this as our vade mecum, a Latin term whose literal translation is “go with me” and refers to a small guidebook that we carry for frequent use, often in a deep pocket. Learning to tap into this guidance helps us to experience more ease and grace in our lives.

At VM Energy Healing, our goal is to inspire and guide you to become the bold architect of your life, so that you can thrive in a natural state of abundance and flow.

Whether you’re just embarking on your healing journey or already have an established practice, you are invited to learn more about our healing services, courses, and events. Let’s work together as we guide you to exploring your own vade mecum, empowering you to activate your own abilities, strengthening your relationship with your higher self and your spiritual guides. As conscious beings, we are all extensions of Divine Source, meant to experience joy, abundance, and a deep connection to our purpose. It’s time to reclaim that birthright.


The Healing Session

As I hold space for you, I employ a variety of healing modalities along with my intuitive gifts, customizing each treatment to your unique needs. Treatments include: reiki, energetic alignment, vibrational sound healing, quantum healing techniques, light language and channeled guidance.

The Sonic Healing Journey

Sonic healing is a non-invasive therapy that can promote deep states of relaxation, relieve stress, provide an immunity boost, increase energy, and enhance vitality. It is a form of alternative medicine that can complement other modalities such as meditation and energy work.

Energetic Readings & Activations

Carla has been providing in-depth readings and activations for over 3 years. She tailors your session based on your goals and intentions. Some of the modalities she uses are: 7-layer aura reading, Akashic Records reading, Galactic Records reading, activations (light codes/light body activation, dragon activation, other intuitively guided activations).

Private Wellness Events

Are you looking to energetically clear your new home or office space? Gather with family or friends for a relaxing and rejuvenating reiki-infused sound healing ceremony? Let’s work together to curate your in-person or virtual wellness event based on your desired theme or focus for intention and healing.

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