"The more we tune into the guidance, the more we recognize that it is within us and all around us."

Reiki Distant Healing Treatment

Receive a 60-minute Reiki healing treatment
from the comfort of home.

7-Layer Aura Reading & Energy Healing

This service includes a 60-minute remote reading and energy healing involving the 7 main layers of your aura, followed by a 15-minute debrief (1 hour and 15 minutes total).

Oracle Card Reading

Oracle card readings can provide helpful insight on a particular question or issue, examine a situation from the past, present, and future potential, or present general guidance from one’s higher self. Since oracle card readings connect with our energetic fields and the wisdom of our intuition, it is important to start with clear, positive intentions, and be receptive to the intuitive guidance within.

Bold Best Self Workshop

Join me in this half-day workshop where we will:

  • Recognize the power you have within you
  • Discover pivotal moments in your life path
  • Embark on a journey to identify your true passion 
  • Find the courage and determine the road to be your BOLD BEST SELF

Individual Mentoring Journey

If you are ready to live as the bold architect of your life and are interested in working with me in an individual mentoring program, I offer 1:1 coaching services that will help you gain clarity on your grander life path and step into your highest vision for yourself.

A 3-phase mentoring program that consists of either a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month transformation journey.

Vade Mecum

An Always-Present Guide to Your Divine Path

Ever feel like you missed a turn in the road?

If you were given a magical handbook with your name on it, containing divinely generated guidance specifically for you, would you want to know what it contains? What if this guidebook is meant to help you live your best life?

Never miss another turn in your road again. Open Vade Mecum and start your guided journey to live as your bold, best self.

"Synchronicities are like markers we happen upon in a dense forest to guide us further along a sometimes dark and winding path."

On November 7, 2019, the author discovered footage recorded by her home security camera while she was away from home. It shows a mysterious shadow making its way up the path to her front door, where it moved about and eventually disappeared, as though it had entered the locked door.
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