7-Layer Aura Reading
and Energy Healing

This service includes a 60-minute remote reading and energy healing involving the 7 main layers of your aura, followed by a 15-minute debrief (1 hour and 15 minutes total).

What is a 7-Layer Aura Reading?

Our aura is an egg-shaped field of energy surrounding our physical body and reflects the energies of our body and soul. This electromagnetic field or human biofield contains subtle energies that can be analyzed in an aura reading, providing insight regarding one’s circumstances and life path.

The aura is believed to consist of layers whose colors loosely correspond with the colors of the chakras, however, the colors constantly shift based on our thoughts, emotions, health, and vibrations. In this type of reading, I focus on the seven main layers of the aura, reading the information in each layer beginning with the first layer closest to the physical body.

First Layer: The Etheric Body, also known as the “etheric double” as it is an energetic copy of the physical body and relates to the five senses. 

Second Layer: The Emotional Body, associated with one’s emotions.

Third Layer: The Mental Body, which pertains to one’s thought processes and state of mind

Fourth Layer: The Astral Body, which reflects our relationships with others. It is the first of the spiritual layers and is a bridge between the lower vibrations of the physical plane and the higher vibrations of the spiritual plane.

Fifth Layer: The Etheric Template, reflects the expression of our truth and our connection to the divine.

Sixth Layer: The Celestial Body, which is connected to our third eye and reflects our experience of the spirit world.

Seventh Layer: The Ketheric or Causal Body, connected to our higher self, representing our oneness with the Universe/the superconscious.

Benefits of an aura reading

Aura readings present a snapshot of memories, experiences, and emotions stored in our energy fields. This information can provide clarity concerning our circumstances and life path, and may include past life information or patterns, ancestral lessons, removal of energetic blockages and limiting beliefs, messages from our higher self and guides. Each person’s experience is unique to their circumstances.

What to expect during your treatment

Through a scheduled Zoom meeting, I will start by explaining the process and what to expect, then guide you through a brief grounding meditation. I will then connect with your biofield and proceed to read each of the seven layers of your aura starting with the first layer. If I sense denser energy that is not working for you, I will offer to clear it from your aura. Often, my psychic “clair” senses enable me to see, hear, and feel information or messages, which I share and discuss as I perceive them.

There is nothing you need to do to prepare for the session, however, I recommend having a pen and notebook handy so that you can take notes during your reading. The session can be interactive and since I read all seven layers, there is often quite a bit of information that comes through.


“I received an aura reading from Carla last week and I’m still processing everything that came through! It was such an honor to receive this medicine from Carla because it truly soothed my soul. Carla has a sweet and gentle bedside manner, making you feel comfortable and safely held.

She went so deep into the reading going into 7 layers and because she is incredibly clairvoyant, she saw so many of my Guides — we’re talking Ascended Masters, archangels and even my star family. She shared vision after vision and the most reassuring messages. Everything she saw, I was feeling and sensing physically. In fact, we were both in tears overwhelmed by the energy and visions coming through.


The entire reading was incredibly activating and I have continued to receive even more messages and clarity following the reading. I highly encourage anyone to book an aura reading with Carla, you won’t be disappointed.”  — Queenie


“I had an amazing reading with Carla. I did not know what to expect but the information provided resonated so well, it was positive, inspiring, and assuring. Carla is a wonderful person; she delivers the message as a friend and encourages you to trust your intuition too. The session lasted about an hour long and had about 20-30 minutes after for discussion and questions.


Carla is very intuitive, accurate, and detailed. It took me some time to process the messages provided and how spot on some of the details were that came through. Throughout the session, I experienced very emotional moments too. This was such a wonderful reading; I am speechless at Carla’s ability to read 7 layers of the aura. Thank you! So beautifully done. I highly recommend.”   — Yesica


“My aura reading with Carla was very special. I was nervous going into it because I’d been struggling with feeling a little blocked, so I wasn’t sure what would come through. But almost immediately as she started the reading, she was describing scenes that were significant to me and correlated with personal spiritual work I’ve been doing. When we started, I didn’t mention the blockage, but she quickly sensed the murkiness I’d been feeling and helped move that energy away.


She also delivered beautiful messages from my guides, one of which reaffirmed some family history I’d been connected to. I was feeling very emotional during the reading, but Carla’s calm and caring presence made me feel comfortable to express those emotions. She is so gifted and kind – I would recommend her to anyone interested in a reading. I left our session feeling so much clearer and lighter. And that feeling has continued and allowed me to regain some of the connection I’d lost feeling so blocked. I’m very thankful for Carla and these gifts that she shares.”  — Kate


“I had my first ever aura reading with Carla, and the experience was absolutely magical! As she guided me through each layer, I felt a release of stagnant energy which made me feel very light after. Everything Carla mentioned in each layer was very aligned and made so much sense. She could connect me with my angel guides and give me messages that resonated with me deeply. There was one point I was in tears, because I knew exactly the angel she was describing to me (it was a stepmom of mine who passed away long ago). This made me happy though, because it allowed me to connect with her (my angel guide).


Carla is also incredibly intuitive and gentle, which made me feel so loved and cared for during our session together. I highly recommend anyone to receive an Aura Reading by Carla, because she’s amazing at what she does! She will leave you feeling more connected to your spirit than ever. I am beyond grateful for you Carla, again thank you so much for our beautiful session!”  — Jade