Another Year of Becoming

Another Year of Becoming

Today, June 24th, marks my 53rd birthday, which happens to coincide with a “Super Strawberry Moon”, the final supermoon of 2021. The moon has long fascinated me. Mysterious and ever changing, its phases ephemeral, sometimes appearing calm and unassuming yet occasionally ominous. As a young child, I used to stare at the moon wondering if there truly was a man up there. I remember being simultaneously puzzled and intrigued at the possibility.

I still stare at the moon some nights (no, there is no howling involved), and especially look forward to new moons, full moons, and special moons, when their sense of mystery seems amplified. I’ll often leave some of my crystals on a windowsill to be charged by the moonlight. The time in between the new and full moon phases may not seem as momentous, but the waxing and waning phases hold their own unique beauty, slowly changing in appearance each night. Then before long, a new cycle begins.

Birthdays tend to prompt introspection concerning one’s life path. Some people end up disappointed when they reach a certain age and realize they haven’t accomplished what they imagined they would have by that milestone. I was never one to tie my goals to my age. I learned long ago that even the best laid plans don’t always materialize. But I’ve also learned that more often than not, I can clearly see, in retrospect, how my life has unfolded in perfect order. 

There is magic in unpredictability, and much growth happens in the spaces between momentous milestones. Each phase in our journey of becoming is no less significant than the pivotal moments that lie ahead. So in my quiet contemplation of another year added to my human life, I look back in gratitude for every stepstone along my trail, each one building on the last, gently ushering me onward. And I look forward to another year of further becoming who I am meant to be in this lifetime.

How are you honoring your growth in the quiet moments in between? Embrace unpredictability and all it has to offer. Life is a mystery full of magic, just waiting to be discovered.

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