Our Earth Mother

When we ground to the Earth’s energy, we draw on Mother Gaia’s nurturing and protective love and support. A mother’s job is not easy, and Mother Earth’s job is harder still, if you think about just the sheer number of inhabitants that rely on her for energy and sustenance. Motherhood never ends and can often […]


Of all the psychic senses or “clairs”, claircognizance may be the first psychic sense I recognized in myself. Although many of my other senses have become amplified, this probably remains one of my strongest clairs. For as long as I can remember, I seemed to know certain things without being able to logically explain why.  […]

Slave Ship (A Past Life Revelation)

On the last day of my Reiki Master Teacher certification training in March 2021, I had an unsettling vision during the sound healing ceremony to close out our weekend of training. As soon as I relaxed into the sound bath, I suddenly found myself on a large ship. It was an old, wooden ship from […]

The Colors of Your Palette

Your life is a canvas and you hold the paintbrush. Paint with intention. Paint with abandon. Paint with all the colors of your palette.  Create the masterpiece that only you can create, with each hue made vivid through every feeling and emotion unearthed in this lifetime. Paint with the blood red pigment that streaks through […]


Today is my dad’s birthday. It’s been 25 years since he crossed over, which is also how long I’ve been married. My dad passed away three months before my wedding. Many mysterious events took place during his passing, as well as my wedding day, which I wrote about in my book, Vade Mecum. Almost every […]

Not Weird, New

Not Weird, New This past year has been filled with so much learning and development. I completed three levels of certification in Reiki and Intuitive Development, as well as two levels of psychic development courses. Throughout my growth as an energy healer and intuitive, the variety of psychic experiences in my life has expanded as […]

Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward I have been venturing further and further outside of the spiritual closet these past few years. You know which one — that place where many tend to hide, if only to maintain an image of competence, level-headedness, and sanity in most daily interactions. To avoid the side-eye glances from those who can’t […]

Another Year of Becoming

Another Year of Becoming Today, June 24th, marks my 53rd birthday, which happens to coincide with a “Super Strawberry Moon”, the final supermoon of 2021. The moon has long fascinated me. Mysterious and ever changing, its phases ephemeral, sometimes appearing calm and unassuming yet occasionally ominous. As a young child, I used to stare at […]