Not Weird, New

Not Weird, New This past year has been filled with so much learning and development. I completed three levels of certification in Reiki and Intuitive Development, as well as two levels of psychic development courses. Throughout my growth as an energy healer and intuitive, the variety of psychic experiences in my life has expanded as […]

Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward I have been venturing further and further outside of the spiritual closet these past few years. You know which one — that place where many tend to hide, if only to maintain an image of competence, level-headedness, and sanity in most daily interactions. To avoid the side-eye glances from those who can’t […]

Another Year of Becoming

Another Year of Becoming Today, June 24th, marks my 53rd birthday, which happens to coincide with a “Super Strawberry Moon”, the final supermoon of 2021. The moon has long fascinated me. Mysterious and ever changing, its phases ephemeral, sometimes appearing calm and unassuming yet occasionally ominous. As a young child, I used to stare at […]