Energetic Readings begins with a brief conversation to discuss any areas of concern or focus for your reading. Based on your goals and intentions, Carla will pull from her intuitive “toolkit” to channel the guidance you are meant to receive. Some of the modalities she currently employs are: 7-layer aura reading, Akashic Records reading, Galactic Records reading, activations (light codes/light body activation, dragon activation, other intuitively guided activations), seal removal, etc. She is continually adding to her training and development, which she then adds to her list of modalities as needed.

During this treatment, Carla clears energetic blocks from your field, channels any messages from your guides, as well as activations that come through specifically for you. This session can be conducted remotely by Zoom. An audio recording is provided after your session.

Energetic Readings
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sessions are 60 minutes each


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