Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward

I have been venturing further and further outside of the spiritual closet these past few years. You know which one — that place where many tend to hide, if only to maintain an image of competence, level-headedness, and sanity in most daily interactions. To avoid the side-eye glances from those who can’t relate, or risk being labeled strange and foolish. Yeah, I’ve probably hung out with some of you in the hushed silence of that dark room, enviously staring in awe at those who were brave enough to fling open the door and walk out without even pausing to glance back.

I have a hunch that some of those who have known me for many years (particularly during my very opinionated, social media rant phase) are still giving me the side-eye on the other end of the screen. It doesn’t bother me, though. I’ve long come to accept that each of us is on our own personal journey, and what others think of you shouldn’t matter as much as what resonates for you deep within the depths of your soul. 

The spiritual quest can be daunting. Even if you’ve already lived through the “dark night of the soul” that many encounter on their path, the journey may occasionally turn lonely and isolating. Surrounding oneself with others who are on the same spiritual wavelength is essential. I am deeply grateful for my fellow lightworkers with whom I interact on a regular basis, and for those who openly share their wisdom no matter how esoteric. A community of like-minded souls lifting each other up when the light seems dimmer than usual beats crawling back into the darkness of that closet, where safety is merely an illusion and eventually loses its allure. Because once you’ve experienced the ecstasy of oneness with the sacred, you know, with every fiber of your being, that returning to darkness is no longer an option. And so you keep moving forward, knowing that though you may grow weary, the beauty you encounter along the way will always sustain you on your quest to realize your true, divine essence.

“March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection. March on, and fear not the thorns, or the sharp stones on life’s path.” ― Kahlil Gibran

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