Of all the psychic senses or “clairs”, claircognizance may be the first psychic sense I recognized in myself. Although many of my other senses have become amplified, this probably remains one of my strongest clairs. For as long as I can remember, I seemed to know certain things without being able to logically explain why. 

Developing our psychic abilities requires adopting an adequate level of trust in the information we receive through these extended ways of knowing. The more I learn to trust in these forms of guidance, the more I’m able to use the information to my benefit.

One of the ways I’ve been able to use data I receive through my clairs is when I’m driving. I don’t know if you experience this where you live but in our area, the amount of aggression on the road seemed to intensify after last year’s pandemic and lockdowns. Having to contend with this has required me to be more cautious or, alternatively, more assertive as a driver. Thankfully, my claircognizance often alerts me ahead of time when another driver is about to cut me off, drift into my lane, or engage in some such potentially dangerous move.

I’ve long been able to sense when another car is about to merge into my lane, even when the driver neglects to use their turn signal (signaling is, unfortunately, becoming a lost art in the Bay Area). I used to wonder whether I was somehow influencing my experience through my expectations (i.e., negative thinking), but I eventually realized that the information I receive happens spontaneously in a very brief few seconds. Really, it’s more about me perceiving this information right before it happens, so I don’t think I’m inadvertently affecting the outcome.

A few minutes ago, I was watching a Gaia network interview with Darryl Anka, a trance channeler. He happened to mention how he is similarly able to sense such hazards on the road. Besides finding unnecessary yet welcome validation in this, I thought it was a nice reminder of how we ought to develop and utilize our psychic senses. Whether or not you think you possess these abilities, believe me when I say that we all do. It’s a matter of expanding our consciousness to allow for these inherent capabilities to come forward and flourish.

If you’ve already tapped into your clairs and are using them in your life, kudos to you; I’d love to hear which ones you use the most and which one is your favorite. If you haven’t, there’s no better time to start than the present. If you’d like to learn more about our psychic senses, I wrote about the different clairs and shared a number of examples from my own life in Part 5 of my book, Vade Mecum, under Chapter 18, titled Psychic Guidance. Why limit ourselves to our five physical senses when we have other ways of gathering information about the world we live in? There are many vast and exciting dimensions beyond the physical, and they can enrich our experiences once we learn to access them.

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