True Essence Podcast Interview

In this episode of the True Essence Podcast, Carla shares more about her path and role in the cosmic scheme of things and how she got to listen to the calling of her heart, soul. We also dive a little bit deeper into the story of the dragons throughout history and outside of space and time and the role they play in Gaia’s and therefore our ascension process.

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Bold Journey Interview

I’ve long functioned according to the maxim that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Yet it’s also true that for some people or under certain circumstances, the results are quite the opposite. Why is that? In essence, it isn’t about simply enduring hardships and traumas and somehow coming out at the other end still breathing. To benefit from our challenges, we need to recognize the lessons in these experiences.

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Canvas Rebel Interview

I think of risk as a muscle that has the capacity to support your overall wellbeing when exercised in healthy ways. The more you exercise your risk muscle through thoughtful, calculated risks, the easier it becomes to approach risk opportunities with less trepidation. And sometimes, the risks you take end up having such a profound impact that they mark a defining moment in your life.

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Shoutout LA Interview

My mission is to help awaken others to the inner guidance system that is present within each of us, that not everyone has learned to fully tap into and utilize. Far too many have been historically conditioned by society to rely on external solutions to challenges, and to believe that the answers reside outside of one’s own internal compass.

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VoyageLA Interview

It seems that my entire life has been a series of synchronicities at every turn. It wasn’t until later in my twenties that I finally learned to harness the gift that these various signs presented for me. In retrospect, I’ve been guided since childhood in ways I didn’t quite understand at the time.

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