Not Weird, New

Not Weird, New

This past year has been filled with so much learning and development. I completed three levels of certification in Reiki and Intuitive Development, as well as two levels of psychic development courses. Throughout my growth as an energy healer and intuitive, the variety of psychic experiences in my life has expanded as well.

Up until recently, each time I encountered new phenomena and shared it with my reiki and psychic development communities, I often framed my experience within the borders of “weird” or “strange”. To be sure, many of these incidents would raise eyebrows and be considered supernatural by those unfamiliar with the world that most psychics and healers inhabit. Of course, there are others who are open-minded, who entertain the unknown, and may not be entirely bothered by such strange accounts. In fact, when it comes to my community of fellow lightworkers, I’m certainly in good company. Why, then, do I even feel compelled to preface my narrative with the adjective “weird”? Particularly since sharing my experiences always elicits recognition and understanding.

I’ve now decided to avoid framing these events as “weird”. Regardless of how many uncanny visions I perceive, whether in my meditations, or as I’m falling asleep, or in the course of providing aura readings for others. After all, my psychic visions often confirm clients’ insights, and sometimes even parallel what emerges for them through other healers, resulting in deep resonance, knowing, and healing.

It may be slow progress for the majority of human society to accept unusual phenomena, but it is, no doubt, unfolding as we speak. I see evidence of more and more people embracing information and knowledge received through unconventional ways. I think this is wonderful, exciting, and long overdue. More importantly, it keeps us from stagnating in our advancement as a species.

So for all the strange perceptions I witness every day, I will simply refer to these as “new”, rather than weird. Besides, we are all merely learning (or should I say, remembering) other ways of knowing — through noetic experiences — as we increasingly expand our consciousness in the evolution of our human perception.

Don’t be surprised if in the next story I tell, I preface my tale with, “I experienced something new today.” Everything that has come to be accepted as “normal” and commonplace once began as something novel and, perhaps, even weird.

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