Oracle Card Reading

There are two options for this offering.
Please select from one of the following choices:

  1. A 20-minute oracle card reading from a wide selection of oracle card decks. 
  2. This service can be booked as a free 10-minute add-on when purchased as part of a remote or in-person energy healing session.
What is an oracle card reading?

Divination is an age-old art that has existed throughout history and across many cultures. Oracle cards are a form of divination and are one of my favorite tools for tapping into my intuitive guidance system. I do not use oracle cards as fortune-telling tools, as I do not believe that is their purpose. They are intended as a means for connecting with the divine guidance we already carry within us. 

There are various types of oracle cards available from many different creators. I own a wide selection of card decks to choose from, and there are a few options for the type of reading you wish to receive (e.g., one-card pull; three-card spread; or other more in-depth card spreads).

Benefits of an oracle card reading

Oracle card readings can provide helpful insight on a particular question or issue, examine a situation from the past, present, and future potential, or present general guidance from one’s higher self. Since oracle card readings connect with our energetic fields and the wisdom of our intuition, it is important to start with clear, positive intentions, and be receptive to the intuitive guidance within.