Our Earth Mother

When we ground to the Earth’s energy, we draw on Mother Gaia’s nurturing and protective love and support.

A mother’s job is not easy, and Mother Earth’s job is harder still, if you think about just the sheer number of inhabitants that rely on her for energy and sustenance.

Motherhood never ends and can often feel like a thankless job. If you are fortunate to have or have had the love of a mother or mother figure in your life, I’m sure that you find many ways to reciprocate this love and express your gratitude. 

In raising our consciousness, we are reminded that Gaia herself needs our love, gratitude, and support. Whether you ground to her energy through meditation or walking barefoot on grass, know that she needs your support as well. Let our grounding practice be a reciprocal process.

As you breathe deeply, exhale love in gratitude for the air that fills your lungs. As you connect to the core of Gaia, let your grounding cord be a two-way exchange of energy, both giving and receiving.

If you’re a lightworker or energy healer, channel your energy to the earth as well. She needs your healing light more than you know. If you’re a grid worker, send some extra support and loving intentions as you work to heal the planet. With each loving intention we set, may we sustain her with the gratitude she deserves.

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