New Moon Dragon Activation


Receive the audio replay of this cosmic journey from September 15, where we harnessed the energy of the new moon and the powerful presence of the Lunar Dragons.

🐉 During this gathering we:

  • Traveled up into the cosmos, guided by the lunar dragons, where we shed old energy and received transmissions through dragon light language.
  • Connected with my Sirian guide and galactic dragons from Sirius.
  • Received channeled activations from the galactic dragons that were specific to each person’s galactic star origins.
  • Received Arcturian healing codes.
  • Were joined by a large earth dragon for a final activation and channeled message, grounding and anchoring us back, bridging our physical and cosmic selves, allowing us to access more of our multidimensional selves.

Let the cosmic dance of the lunar energies and the power of the dragons guide you toward a future of infinite possibilities. 🌑 🐉 🌟