New Moon in Cancer: Mother Dragon Activation


**This is the audio replay of the journey + activations portion of the New Moon in Cancer: Mother Dragon Activation held on July 17, 2023**

Embrace the Nurturing Power of the New Moon in Cancer With Activations From Mother Dragon

As a Cancer Sun sign, the New Moon in Cancer holds special significance for me. I first met Mother Dragon in March 2022 when she appeared to me, surrounded by many of her younglings. I have since worked with her in my dragon classes and past channeling events.

Register to receive the audio replay of this gathering where you will:

✨ Journey to the dragon realm to meet with Mother Dragon and her younglings.

✨ Receive nurturing yet potent emotional healing and activations from Mother Dragon + a channeled message.

✨ Witness the playful presence of Mother Dragon’s younglings as they assist with individual light code upgrades.

✨ Calibrate to the dragon energies to support you on your path ahead.

✨ Be reminded of the importance of self-care and self-love.

✨ Receive a channeled message from the dragon collective.

✨ Meet the dragons from Sirius as well as the lunar dragons.

This replay only includes the journey + activations portions of the gathering. Join the next activation live to participate in the sharing + Q&A after each journey.