Reiki Distant Healing Treatment

Receive a 60-minute Reiki healing treatment from the comfort of home.
What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of alternative therapy known as energy healing. This gentle, non-invasive healing modality originated in Japan and was developed by Mikao Usui based on ancient energy healing principles. The process involves the transfer of universal life force energy through a trained practitioner’s hands. This life force energy is directed to the energetic fields around the body, helping address any imbalances and facilitating the removal of energetic blocks. 

Distance healing is also known as quantum healing, which allows any form of energy healing to be directed and received across time and space. This type of treatment is just as effective as when the healer and recipient are physically present in the same space. Discoveries in quantum physics provide a scientific basis for understanding quantum healing techniques.

The form of Reiki I practice is Usui Reiki and I am trained to provide both in-person and distant reiki treatments. I received my certifications in Reiki Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3/Reiki Master Teacher from Reiki and Flow Academy in El Segundo, California.

Benefits of Reiki

Individual experiences of reiki vary and may include the following: deep relaxation, release of tension and stress, clearing of energy blockages to promote the flow of energy, improved focus and clarity of mind, emotional clearing, reduced anxiety, better sleep, promote healing and a natural balance of mind, body, and spirit.

What to expect during your treatment

Through a scheduled Zoom meeting, we’ll start with a brief intake to discuss any areas of focus for your treatment. I will connect with your biofield then do a brief auric cleansing and chakra reading. After that, all you need to do is relax as I channel this gentle healing energy to balance your energy centers and address any areas of focus. Your treatment will conclude with a brief sound healing and debrief.


“I’ve had two Reiki Distance Healing Sessions with Carla, and each time was incredibly relaxing. I actually got so deep into the session that when I opened my eyes and laid back up, I felt like I was floating (in an amazing way!). This feeling left me high vibe for the rest of my day and days to follow.


Overall, Carla has a sweet and gentle presence that makes you feel comfortable with her right away. I also loved how supported I felt in the moment, because of her calm sweet soul. So, I definitely would highly recommend having a Reiki session with her!


Thank you again for everything Carla, the work you do is truly magical.”  — Jade


“Leading a small business back to recovery out of Covid, a big move to a different state, then there was the diagnosis of myasthenia gravis. It was all too much. If not one thing, it was another. I felt like there was this enormous cloud following me causing negativity. Then there was Carla, my childhood friend who I knew was doing reiki healing. This was a sign!!!


Her healing immediately infused an overall sense of peace, inner healing and positivity. Angel numbers also started appearing giving me assurance that all is well. Carla helped me find the calm that I was looking for! A special gift from a special person.”  — Gerry S., DDS


“Carla is one of the most beautiful souls. As a reiki healer myself it is essential to also rejuvenate my energy and clear any blockages I am having. Let me tell you that Carla was able to help me do that and more. She guided me through the most transformative experience – connecting with my higher self and helping me break through limiting beliefs that had been holding me back for many months and years. After the session I felt lighter and had more clarity than I have had in a very long time. I felt my energy revitalize and knew that this was everything I needed and more. Her energy is soothing, comforting, and allowed for a full body release and healing.


Carla has so many gifts and I was so honored to have experienced them. She is a true healer and even reassured me that my guide was with me — which made me feel so safe and so seen. Thank you Carla for this beautiful and transformative experience filled with so much wisdom and inner growth. I will for sure be coming back to work with Carla, thank you sweet soul!”  — Kacey