July 17, 2024

Journey to Emerald City: Return to Atlantis

I’m excited to collaborate with my Atlantean mentor, Priscilla Campos, of Temples of Atlantis. Join us for an exciting adventure as we delve into the mystical realms of Atlantis. Unlock the secrets of your past, embrace the wisdom of Atlantis, and elevate your consciousness to new heights.

Quantum Journeys of Expansion 

Are you ready to explore limitless realms of possibility and journey beyond the bounds of ordinary consciousness? 

As a steward of vibrational frequency and resonance, I have guided many through profound quantum journeys. Explore your multidimensional soul aspects, connect with celestial guides, and unlock cosmic wisdom through these sacred ceremonies designed to support your ascension and embody unity consciousness.

October 19, 2024
Online Event: 9AM PST – 6PM PST

The Cosmic Dragons Conference 2024

Prepare to go deep into a world that is being unveiled now so that we can create an empowered and enlightened future. This transformative conference offers a unique opportunity to tap into the energy of dragons and ignite personal transformation. From Channeling to light language to historical lessons and more… This gathering is in reverence to the Dragon Races.

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