Slave Ship (A Past Life Revelation)

On the last day of my Reiki Master Teacher certification training in March 2021, I had an unsettling vision during the sound healing ceremony to close out our weekend of training. As soon as I relaxed into the sound bath, I suddenly found myself on a large ship. It was an old, wooden ship from a different time period — definitely not present-day. The place was dark and I could feel and hear the ship swaying from the rough ocean waters. I was below deck where I noticed small compartments filled with people. I wasn’t sure if they were children — the wooden cages with steel doors were quite small and cramped. But I did immediately feel the fear of those who were locked in them. In the center of this room was a very large, muscular man holding a long whip. He was seated on the floor but seemed to be guarding the captives in the cages. This scene played out in my mind like a movie and I tried to understand the point of view from which I was observing this. I seemed to be viewing this from the same height as those in the cages across from me. The imposing guard seated a few feet away did not seem to notice me, but I felt myself cowering in fear nevertheless, much like the other prisoners. Was I one of them?

I did not fully understand the message from this vision when it happened. I thought that it was somehow related to one of my unexplained mysteries but the scene, which felt very real, still felt mysterious, its message not entirely clear. However, an aura reading I received yesterday reminded me of this vision and suddenly the pieces of the puzzle snapped into place, illuminating persistent themes that have been recurring in my life.

In my aura reading, messages came through pointing out a former slave life and how this experience ingrained in me beliefs that were repeatedly popping up as rocks along my path: doing things out of obligation because I learned to do as I’m told, then suffering a sense of martyrdom; waiting for direction in certain situations before taking action; reverting to a belief that life is hard when I now know that it is meant to be lived with ease and grace; and a fear of being seen (I’d mastered the art of shrinking when I wished to avoid being noticed).

I’ve struggled with these limiting beliefs sporadically throughout my life and while I’ve experienced much self-healing and growth in the last couple of years, some of these beliefs still occasionally trip me up every once in a while. Now it all makes sense. With the help of my guides, particularly Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary who showed up for this healing, my aura reader relayed some very meaningful images.

These past beliefs had been sitting in the back of my head as a small pumpkin seed. It was not very large since I’d already been doing a lot of self-healing work, but it was still there. One of my guides, who appeared as a surgeon, pulled it out with a pair of forceps, and we asked a dragon to burn the seed. But I was told that I need to continue to release what no longer serves me, and to stop looking in the rear-view mirror. Each time I remind myself of a past experience, I create space for the seed to grow back. So instead, I’ve visualized a glowing ball of golden light to fill the space that the seed once occupied.

In a parting message, my guides stressed that I am meant to be visible. Of course, they know that this has been one of my biggest challenges — not wanting to call attention to myself, yet at the same time, not wanting to be ignored. Even this post feels very much like unwanted exposure. But I’m determined to push past my discomfort in order to step into the next stage of my growth.

How about you? Do you still feel the tug of old ways of thinking that no longer serve your higher self? It’s time to let go and look ahead. Don’t worry, you have all the help you need. Just ask your guides. They are always with you.

“You do not move ahead by constantly looking in a rear view mirror. The past is a rudder to guide you, not an anchor to drag you. We must learn from the past but not live in the past.” — Warren W. Wiersbe

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