The Colors of Your Palette

Your life is a canvas and you hold the paintbrush. Paint with intention. Paint with abandon. Paint with all the colors of your palette. 

Create the masterpiece that only you can create, with each hue made vivid through every feeling and emotion unearthed in this lifetime.

Paint with the blood red pigment that streaks through your days, inspiring action from that place deep within where your strength and conviction rises. Remember the days you pushed through pain and fear with the fortitude you didn’t realize you possessed, emerging a stronger, wiser version of yourself.

Paint with the fiery orange of passion that ignites creativity and relishes pleasure. Remind yourself that life is meant to be savored, and joy often lies hidden in plain sight.

Paint with cheerful tones of yellow that brighten your horizon. Be confident in the understanding that dreary days don’t last forever and sunshine will always break through the dark clouds sooner or later.

Paint with the lushness of verdant greens that signify the gratitude you hold in your heart for your health, your growth, your ability to love unconditionally and receive the same love in return.

Paint with serene shades of blue, evoking the peace you envision for this earth we inhabit. Speak your truth. Your authentic truth. Because every single person has a gift to offer that is uniquely reflective of their personal journey, and every single person has a lesson to learn from each encounter.

Paint with the regal, royal boldness of purple, because dignity and status should not be reserved solely for those of high social standing. They are your birthright as a divine, sovereign being. Stand firm in your power as the creator of your reality.

And gold… Why not add brilliant strokes of rich gold? To remind you that swirling amid all the vibrant colors in the portrait of your life is a higher consciousness. Yours. Your true essence —  eternal and infinite. You are an extension of the everlasting oneness of everything that exists across time and space, universes and galaxies. The eternal ALL.

Yes, your life is a canvas, but you are much, much more than that. Much more than your experiences, your thoughts, your emotions. Much more than what you see and cannot see. Much more than this fragile, fleeting, painful, beautiful human life. 

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